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Sally Minnear

Vocals, vocal loops, acoustic guitar, percussion, tin whistle, tenor recorder, violin, keyboard

(Lord of the Dance)


“Sally Minnearʼs angelic vocals....I could listen to her all day and never lose interest”


"Sally's voice brings an ethereal quality to the Iona songs"


"Amazing music, great vocals.........and what a cow-bell virtuoso Sally is!!" 


Daughter of multi instrumentalist Kerry Minnear of the hugely respected and influential ʼ70ʼs progressive band Gentle Giant, Sally has been steeped in music throughout her life, with her brother and sister also being successful musicians. Sally had a minor hit with the song “For You” aged just 18, before forming the acoustic duo ʻCreatures of Habitʼ as a vehicle for her own songs.


After completing a music degree, during which time she played fiddle and sang in a popular traditional Irish band, Sally secured the featured vocalist role in Michael Flatleyʼs hugely successful dance spectacular ʻLord of the Danceʼ. Sally toured with the production for several years, in front of crowds of up to 20,000 people, before leaving to start a family. She has also contributed vocals for several dance music tracks, for the band Mistyʼs Big Adventure and for Mexican guitarist Pablo Ortiz's 2cd concept work Cronofonia (singing some parts in Spanish!). Sally recorded some wonderful, ethereal vocal parts on Dave Bainbridgeʼs epic second solo release Celestial Fire.

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