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Dave has produced and mixed many soundtracks for corporate videos, product launches, and for artists including:

Iona - The Book of Iona 17cd box set (Production / mixing)

Iona - Iona (production)

Iona - The Book of Kells (production)

Iona - Beyond These Shores (production)

Iona - Journey into the Morn (production)

Iona - Wisdom - single (production)

Iona - I will Give my Love an Apple - Unprogged compilation (production)

Iona - Heaven’s Bright Sun - 2cd (production)

Iona & The All Souls Orchestra - Woven Cord (production)

Iona - Open Sky (production)

Iona - The River Flows 4cd Box set (production)

Iona - Live in London dvd (production)

Iona - The Circling hour (production)

Iona - Another Realm 2cd (production / mixing)

Iona - Edge of the World - Live in Europe 2cd (production)

Pablo Ortiz - Cronofonia 2cd Spanish version (co-production / mixing)

Pablo Ortiz - Cronofonia 2cd English version (co-production / mixing)

Dave Brons - All Who Wander are not Lost (co-production / mixing)

Dave Brons - Based on a True Story (co-production / mixing)

Dave Brons - Return to Arda (co-production / mixing)

Dave Bainbridge & Sally Minnear - Live in the Studio DVD/CD (production / mixing)

Strawbs - The Ferryman’s Curse - Recording / Pre-production

Adrian Snell - Alpha & Omega -30th Anniversary version (production / mixing)

Adrian Snell - Alpha & Omega - original version (co-production)

Adrian Snell - Song of an Exile (co-production)

Celestial Fire - Live in the UK - dvd/2cd (production / mixing)

Dave Bainbridge - To The Far Away (production / mixing)

Dave Bainbridge - The Remembering (production / mixing)

Dave Bainbridge - Celestial Fire (production / mixing)

Dave Bainbridge - Veil of Gossamer (production / additional mixing)

Dave Bainbridge & David Fitzgerald - Life Journey (production / mixing)

Dave Bainbridge, David Fitzgerald & David Adam - The Eye of the Eagle (production)

Troy Donockley & Dave Bainbridge - When Worlds Collide (production / mixing)

Various Artists - Songs for Luca 1 & 2 (production / mixing on various tracks)

Nick Fletcher & Dave Bainbridge - Breaking of the Dawn (production / mixing)

Nick Fletcher - Cathedral of Dreams (production / mixing)

Barry & Batya Segal - Day 7 (production / mixing)

Godfrey Birtill - Two Thousand Years ago We bled into One (co-production / mixing)

Peter James Trio - Visions & Vistas (mixing)

Kairos Ensemble - Passion Suite (mixing)

Nick Beggs - Stick Insect (mixing 2 tracks)

Phil Keaggy & Friends - Instrumental Duets (mixing 1 track)

Joanne Hogg - Celtic Hymns, Looking into Light (production)

RSVP - Apres Demain (production)

Jo King - Next to You (production)

Poetic Justice (production on Mark of Cain & one other release)

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