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Artists Links - Official home of the band Iona, along with the Iona / Open sky Records store for all of Dave's releases - Official page for with lots of archive and in depth info, older photos - Dave Brons' Official page and blog - See Simon's solo bass arrangements and be amazed! - Franks String arranging and orchestration page - Dave, Dave and Simon's other projects with stellar guitarist Paul Bielatowicz - Official Iona Facebook page - Strawbs Official page

Gear and / or Endorsement Links - Great music software as used extensively by Dave Bainbridge - Beautiful acoustic guitars, bouzoukis etc from the master, Sir Roger Bucknell, as used by Dave Bainbridge - Superb and great value guitars as used by Dave Bainbridge - Great music shop and school in Switzerland (and Carvin dealer) with superb customer service and knowhow - Superbly built custom electric guitars as used by Dave Brons - Artist friendly musical instrument company and UK distributers of the BlugAmp 1 as used by both Dave's - Stompingly good guitar pedals as used by Dave Brons - Load boxes as used by Dave Brons - Guitar strings as used by Dave Brons