Award winning multi-instrumentalist Dave Bainbridge joins forces with Lord of the Dance vocalist and fellow multi-instrumentalist Sally Minnear to bring a spellbinding evening of music that will, in equal measure, have you jigging in (or out of!) your seat or bring a tear to your eye. A compelling mix of powerful and ethereal vocal songs (including the occasional emotive Gaelic ballad), instrumental tracks - jigs/reels/slow airs/evolving soundscapes and virtuoso improvisation on keyboards, electric guitar, bouzouki and cowbell! All held together with Dave's humerous banter.


The idea was simple. To put together an entertaining mix of vocal and instrumental music, drawing upon Dave's extensive back catalogue from his band IONA, his solo albums and the traditional Celtic material that both Dave and Sally love, also leaving room for plenty of spontaneous improvisation - phew!


Tied together with humorous introductions, with an impressive array of instruments on stage, the aim was to be able to play in any size of venue, from house concert to concert hall to festival stage, retaining the same, intimate, relaxed atmosphere with the audience.


The duo perform around the UK and have been thrilled at audience reaction so far and look forward to extending their range of venues in the coming months and making their first appearances abroad in 2019. Their debut dvd release 'Live in the Studio' was released in August 2018 and can be purchased now at www.iona.uk.com

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