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➢ "Dave Bainbridge is a genius of immeasurable proportions….working with artists as varied as Buddy Guy, Jack Bruce and IONA. If you are unfamiliar with him it's time to make amends. Trust me."  

Nick Beggs (Steve Wilson, Steve Hackett etc, etc)



➢ ‘You are truly one of the most  gifted people I know’. May 2020

Phil Keaggy (Guitarist)



➢ ‘I think you’re my favorite guitarist!!’

Chris Braide (DBA / producer writer for Sia, Lana Del Rey, Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, Marc Almond, David Guetta etc) 



➢ "I've been listening to 'Celestial Fire' and I love it!  Wow… That's some amazing stuff man! Really one of the best albums I've heard in a while." 

Neal Morse (Transatlantic / Flying Colors)



➢ “Dave is both a solo artist and a major driving force behind the band Iona. His fluid, emotional guitar playing, epic keyboard work and expansive compositions combine into one of this generation’s most powerful and original musical voices.” 

John Kellogg (producer for Britney Spears, Chicago, Foreigner, Black Crows, Deep Purple, ELP)



➢ “Bainbridge's guitar playing is superb; his electric solos conjure Eric Johnson and Allan Holdsworth, while his acoustic technique dazzles, thanks to a remarkable dexterity and the use of unusual tunings.…”



➢ “You have an immaculate technique sir that would make any guitar sound good”. 

Gordon Giltrap (Legendary acoustic guitarist)



➢ “Soaring guitar passages, stunning keyboard work, and inspirational waves of orchestral prog.” Bert Saraco

➢ “Thank you so much for your beautiful music, and inspirational music, which has been so evocative and provocative to me over the years.

”Kerry Minnear, Gentle Giant 

➢ “I recently watched a BBC special about Vaughan-Williams called ‘The Passion of Vaughan Williams’. You are to me a modern Vaughan-Williams. ’O to See the Dawn’ in your hands is better than any version I have heard - anointed - I will play that amazing piece of music on my next Podcast.

”Phil Keaggy, Guitarist 

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