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Open Sky Records Store

The Open Sky Records label was set up in 2001, to release albums by Iona and related artists. We now have about 30 cd/dvd and download releases available, by Iona, Dave Bainbridge, Dave & Sally, collaborations by Dave Bainbridge & David Fitzgerald, Dave Bainbridge and Troy Donockley, Celestial Fire, Nick Fletcher (which includes the guitar concerto co-written by Nick and Dave). Troy Donockley's solo albums and the Songs for Luca compilation releases are also available here, as well as Dave range of t shirts and mugs.


To go to our official web store, hosted by Music Glue and now administered and fulfilled by our partners at Gonzo Multimedia, click on the link below:

We're happy to announce we now have direct distribution in the USA via The Bandwagon USA. As well as all of Dave's / Iona's albums, products include some limited edition vintage Iona t shirts made for past US Iona tours (t shirts available on while stocks last!). Click on the link below and look for Dave Bainbridge / Iona in the list on the left:

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