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2020 NEWS

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14th April 2020
Hi Everyone,
I really hope and pray that you are all well and healthy in these unprecedented times. The last time I sent a newsletter out, I was in the middle of rehearsals for the Lifesigns March UK tour. The tour went great, but the following week measures to tackle the virus ramped up dramatically. Our Fusion Festival and Cruise to the Edge appearances were understandably cancelled as countries around the world went into lockdown. A number of concerts on the Dave & Sally Summer Tour have also been cancelled / postponed, as has the Strawbs June tour. I'm expecting more cancellations to follow and will keep you posted.
However I will be playing my first solo online live concert on 21st April at 5pm Eastern (USA) time (10pm UK time)!! More details and tickets available here:

The enforced lockdown has at least given me more time to work on the forthcoming Iona 'Book of Iona' box set and the new Open Sky Records Store and I'm very pleased to say that the store is now live and the epic 17 cd 'The Book of Iona' box set is now available to pre-order!!! 

Not only that, but with the great help and vision of Rob Ayling and his amazing team at Gonzo Multimedia, we are also re-issuing all the Iona back catalogue!! Currently we have available to pre-order, all the Iona studio albums, several of which have been unavailable for a number of years. These all come with their own companion disk (as found in the box set). Snowdonia (cd4 from the original limited edition 'River Flows' box set) is also available as a standalone 2cd release (as well as being in the box set), with the Another Realm companion disk.


Over the coming weeks we will also be adding download versions of all the Iona & Dave Bainbridge (solo and collaborative) albums and will also have back in stock the Celestial Fire - Live in the UK dvd/2cd album!!


Other albums, such as Troy Donockley's solo releases and Nick Fletcher's 'Cathedral of Dreams' (containing the guitar concerto nick and I co-wrote) are also available from the store.

I realise that things are very hard both financially and emotionally for most people at the moment, especially those who have lost loved ones to the virus or are at the coal face of the fight against it. However I hope that this long stream of music that I've been fortunate enough to be part of will help you to get through these trying times, bringing peace and hope.

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