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Dave’s deep interest in writing music for film has led to numerous commissions to write for short films and many commercial projects. Dave’s approach to composition is very visual, cinematic and evocative and it is perhaps his sensitivity to evoke mood and atmosphere, often with adventurous use of harmony and textures that film makers and producers have picked up on. IONA’s music is used regularly by TV and Film producers as an evocative backdrop on their productions. 



'Hope from Deep Waters' (to be released in 2024 - more info soon)

‘Wilfred’ ((award winning short cinema film featuring Derek Jacobi and Edward Fox reading the poems of Wilfred Owen)

‘The Lost Princess’



‘Going Up’

‘The Man from the Moon’

‘Remember to Smile’


‘Amazing Grace - the Story behind the Song’ (written for the Amazing Grace Experience Visitor Centre on St. Kitts) 

Nestle’s UK iMax Theatre’s 3 year video juke box project (17 films - all composed, recorded and mixed by Dave in 5.1 surround),
‘Futureworld’ (environmental video installation) 



‘Snowdonia - Realm of the Ravens‘ (Natural World Series’ - BBC2), 

‘Timewatch’ (Battle of the River Plate & Hadrian’s Wall episodes) BBC TV

‘World War 2 - Behind Closed Doors’ BBC TV

‘Boy and The Dinosaur‘ (1461 productions)

‘The Lost World of El Dorado’ BBC TV

‘World in Action’ (ITV) 

‘Working For Wool’ (Australian T.V.) 

‘Northern Lights’ - Feature on artist JMW Turner (BBC North)

‘Discovering The Tyne Valley’ (Independent)

‘Tom Finney’ - general release video tribute to the famous  footballer.

‘Sammy Steele and the Lost Bicycle’ - educational schools animation

‘Osprey in Flight’ - commissioned by the home office

‘Anti-Nuclear Dumping’ commissioned by Humberside County Council - heard by a committee at the House of Commons.

‘End of The 80’s series’ (Tyne-Tees - Contributed incidental music) 

‘Summer Sunday’ series - (BBC1 - contributed arrangements)

‘The Lindisfarne Gospels’

‘The Alpha Zone’

‘Kestrel Lager’ TV Ad


Iona’s music has been used on many TV programmes, including:

Heart of the Matter  (BBC1)

Heart and Soul  (BBC1)

First Light   (BBC1)

Titchmarsh’s Travels  (BBC1) 

Routes and Rhythms   (BBC1)

Songs of Praise   (BBC1)

This is the Day   (BBC 1)

MTV Sports  (MTV)  

Why we care about Bosnia   (USA cable) 

Signal Exchanges   (USA cable)                                                                                  A.B.C. of the Celtic Saints  (ITV) 

Island Soldiers   (ITV)  

Ann Geddes - Photographer  (USA)   

God in the House  (Channel 4)

Corws  (S4C) 

Channel 7 Sports   (Australian TV)                                                          

UNICEF - fund raising films - featuring Antonio Banderas and Peter Ustinov - shown on cable TV & British Airways long haul flights. This fund raising campaign was UNICEF’s most succesful to date, raising over £4,000,000.



‘Nestle Gold Blend Centenary’ film,

‘Tom Finney’,

‘Sammy Steele and the Lost Bicycle’,

‘Osprey in Flight’

,‘Anti- Nuclear Dumping’


plus about 70 other short films / music for product launches / trades shows / museums etc.



➢ “Next to Fashion and the world of Media, only the Music industry can claim to be number one at being a world of questionable characters and values. Dave, however, is one of those people you meet and know immediately is a good person whose head and heart are in the right place. Creatively I have always enjoyed working with Dave and have a great respect for his ability, ideas and vision as a composer and musician. I always look forward to the opportunity to work with Dave and hear where his imagination will take him. There is much of value that inspires about knowing Dave and working with him. Much, all who know personally or come to know Dave through his music can be grateful for. Thankful that Dave’s life continues to bring a legacy of joy, inspiration, hope and fun. A small light shining bright that helps illuminate us on our journey.”
Peter Kershaw, Producer, Director, Duchy Parade Films



➢ “Certainly, without exception all our clients ask where the music comes from when they see the jobs we do.” 

Steve Denison, CEO, SDA Media 



➢ “Sounds fantastic! Thanks for all your hard work Dave.” 

Tim Harper, Director, ZimZam Productions Ltd 

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